Welcome to our profiles page! On this page, you will find photos and information about some of the children with whom The Patience Project works.



Meet Sedem. Three year old Sedem is a spunky little guy with Down Syndrome. He is in need of a heart surgery to fix a sizable hole in his heart. The Patience Project is currently in the process of fundraising in order to send Sedem to India to receive the type of surgery he needs.



This is Courage (also called Wonder and Small Jesus), a young boy with cerebral palsy. Though it often tough for him, he tries to be as mobile as he can, and his energy is being guided by weekly physical therapy he attends with a group of other children the project supports. We first met Courage when he and his mother came into the Kekeli office, and soon we were on our way to get him fitted for calipers. We expect to see him walking in the next few years!



Young Theophilia also attends weekly physical therapy to aid her in the process of learning to walk.

IMG_1220Etornam, also called Bernard, is a young boy with cerebral palsy. We first met him when he was less than a year old and hardly flexible, but now that he is attending weekly physical therapy, he is making great progress!


Shine is a three year old girl in need of corrective foot surgery. She is currently in the process of going through the necessary consultations to determine the correct tuype of surgery and the time and place to have it!



Baby Justine, soon to be a toddler, is a young girl with Down Syndrome. She successfully underwent a minor heart surgery in September 2015 to mend a hole in her heart and is currently in the process of testing to see if a follow-up procesdure is necessary. We have our fingers crossed that one surgery is enough, but we’ll be right there with her if she needs a new one!



Meet Gloria, a four year old girl with cerebral palsy. Gloria was quite the source of entertainment for the group as we waited in the hospital for equipment fittings. She attends weekly physical therapy with the group and dons her fancy new leg braces that are helping her learn to walk!


We met Nina on the same day we met Gloria, during a physical therapy session. Nina, who also has cerebral palsy, has made great strides since then, having learned to sit up on her own! The next step is crawling and walking!


Eight year old David has recently undergone a foot drop surgery to correct his foot. He is now walking with crutches and leg braces and causing all sorts of mischief, as little boys should! When we first met David, he wasn’t able to walk, but he is now on the move!