World Down Syndrome Day

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day 2016, we are launching a campaign to raise funds for a heart surgery for Sedem, one of our little ones in Ghana. Sedem, a three year old boy with Down Syndrome, needs a surgery for his heart and will have to go to India for the procedure, and we need all the help we can get! We know that every child deserves a shot at life, and we are excited to be able to celebrate Sedem’s three years and work to help him live for many more! You can donate to this cause here.

Also, please join us in a celebration on this special day of the successful heart surgery of Justine, another young girl in Ghana with Down Syndrome. Justine’s surgery was completed in September 2015 after months of appointments and tests, and we are thrilled that she has been growing steadily since then. Your generosity made her surgery happen, and we hope that we can do the same for Sedem. Thank you for everything you have already done and everything that you continue to do.

Stay tuned for more updates soon about a few more projects in the works!

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