Surgeries, Sitting Frames, and Sand

Little Justine

Little Justine

As I write, there are many happenings in progress in Ghana concerning the medical attention for many of our children. Justine, our little one whose surgery keeps getting postponed due to various illnesses, has finally been scheduled for surgery at the end of this week now that she is healthy enough. It’s still so amazing to me that we have been able to provide this beautiful baby with this wonderful opportunity, and with the help of her dedicated mother, siblings, and the Kekeli Foundation, I know this is the beginning of a bright future for her.

Some of our little ones who were fitted for equipment in June have now received their equipment. Carrie reported to me that Etornam is doing wonderful things with his sitting frame, and she is confident that he will be able to sit up on his own soon. Gloria and Nina are also regularly attending physical therapy in Ho each week, Nina with her new sitting frame and Gloria with her foot splints. They are all working so hard.

Sedem, who may be in a similar situation to Justine, is returning to the hospital to get another test on his heart in November so that we can officially determine if he needs surgery and what type. Fingers crossed it’s nothing too bad, but we will do our best to help him regardless. Every picture I get of him now he is smiling…a big improvement from just a few months ago when we were there! Two more, Shine and Denis, may also need surgeries, but on their feet, and they will return to a different hospital in October to determine what that may need to look like.

Moreover, our new project of building ramps at the school for the deaf is beginning. Our coordinators have bought the materials and will travel to the school to oversee the building on September 14th. Updates and photos to come!

Though it may seem like a lot of waiting in between appointments and surgeries, and though it is frustrating when things get postponed, our families have been so patient and enthusiastic. How could we not be inspired?

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