Ramps, Updates, and Original Music

We are so excited to announce a new project we are undertaking, one that we have been coordinating since our visit to Ghana in May. A friend of the Kekeli Foundation, Kodzo Dickson, works at a school for the deaf and informed us that the school had very poor accessibility for children with physical disabilities. Not only were children not able to access buildings due to lack of ramps, but some of the children were also falling into the very large, open gutters. After visiting the school, Colin and I decided to support Dickson’s idea of building ramps and gutter covers to improve accessibility and limit hazards at the school–all in an effort to support more inclusive education in Ghana! 

Dickson worked very hard to get us a plan and a cost estimate, which came out to a low sum of around $500. It’s mind-blowing that $500 can drastically improve accessibility at a school, $1000 can pay for a child’s heart surgery, and $175 can support a child’s equipment and physical therapy for a whole year. It’s crazy to think about, but it’s reality, and we have an opportunity to be a part of something really special here. I am honored to be learning so much from my Ghanaian friends and I cannot wait to return and see the children growing big and strong. 

Carrie and I are currently coordinating to bring more children our support, children from further surrounding areas and ones that I have not yet had the chance to meet. When so little money can make such a huge difference, it is our duty to work as hard as we can to find the children who would benefit from it most. 

Unfortunately, little Justine is still recovering from malaria and various infections and has not yet been able to have her heart surgery, but we remain hopeful that she can soon be on her way. Many of the others we took to the orthopedic training center in Accra during our last visit are just now receiving the equipment for which they were fitted, and we are excited to help them progress in this way. More updates to come as we learn more. 

In other news, I have recently finished recording an EP, the contents of which have been largely influenced by my experiences with The Patience Project. I’ll be sharing it soon, and instead of paying for it, I’ll be asking for a small donation to our project. Also be on the lookout for a video I made covering our last trip–set to music from one of the songs (“Patience”…obviously) on my EP. 

Thanks for all the love from everyone. We’re working hard and happy to be alive. 

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