Little Faces

We have been running around like crazy here meeting many children and their families, visiting hospital centers and physio therapy centers, and planning out who to help and how best to do so. 

I think these little faces speak for themselves, so I won’t say much. We were hoping to take a group to Accra next week to get them assessed for the correct equipment at a hospital there, but we have had to push that back. No worries though, as things in Ghana go, they might move slower, but we will make it happen. 

Some highlights have been visiting a school in Helekpe yesterday at the base of my new favorite mountain, Adaklu mountain, and interacting with the school children who were dancing and drumming, and the little ones followed us around in a pack of about thirty. We also met both Justine and Sedem, two young children with Down Syndrome who have heart problems. We met some missionaries who live at the mountain who were able to give us a wheelchair, and we met David and Freeman, who have trouble walking and need assistive devices. We also visited a physical therapy center and met more children who need assistance, as well as the facility, which needs more equipment to help the children learn to walk. It’s been an incredible survey of many parts of Ghanaian life. It’s such a whirlwind, and one that we are excited to be in the middle of! 

Baby Justine.  




My favorite mountain.  


David and his school friends.  

These children were such rascals. 


She loved to sing.  

We tried so hard for a smile!   

David, who needs some new crutches.    
Making crafts to sell.   


A young girl we hope to assist, Gloria.   

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