The Right Place

After arriving in Accra yesterday, despite the aggressive heat, my overwhelming feeling was one of familiarity. I stepped off the plane and all my nerves melted away. Colin and our friend, Ashie, met me at the airport and boy did we have a full day! Well…after a really long nap of course. It’s always perfect nap temperature here. 

After the gloriousness that was that nap, we went and explored Osu, the place we lived for six weeks in the summer of 2013. We got some food, watched a football match, and saw some old friends. 

It’s hard to explain how being here feels. I think “normal” is the best way I can describe it, and though that sounds boring, I find it incredibly exciting to feel like I am so comfortable here. I know that I am in the right place.

We headed up to Ho this morning on this godsend of a bus that had air conditioning and Carrie met us at the station here. Our guest house is quaint. I feel so lucky. And we have a mango tree outside, just like the line from one of my favorite songs, “Mango Tree” by Angus and Julia Stone. Dreams are coming true over here. We are easy to please. 

It’s been crazy trying to find Internet access so our ability to regularly update you is question mark, but we’ll try. Send us messages! We love hearing from home. 

A thunderstorm just started. I’m gonna go enjoy that 


The world is just so big.   

Getting drinks at a local bar with Ashie.  

For some reason Colin brought a wand.    

We are really obruni (white) with our fans. 

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