A Love Letter to the One We Lost

Dear Richard,

I woke up this morning and thought of you, just like I have every single morning for two years. It doesn’t make any sense, you and I, the way we collided full force in some sort of humid and cosmic formlessness  before I knew what it meant to blind yourself in all-encompassing passion. It is with a weary heart that I know that the world has lost your beautiful soul, your beautiful soul that sounds the call for mine to reach it, to reach something so damn beautiful it nearly stops time. 
I ache with wonder when I contemplate the ways in which your smile has forever tattooed itself on the hearts of people on continents you didn’t know existed. I go to class every day so I can best equip myself to fight for you and your astonishing purity of being. 
If you are listening out there, somehow, somewhere off in the distance where perfect souls go when they pass out of their earthly bodies, Richard, I want you to know that I love you, and that you have changed my heart. You and your mother are the reason children in villages near you will be given the gift of mobility. I wish with every throbbing atom of my being that you could have benefited from your own radiant goodwill. I can scarcely contain my tears as I write your name, Richard. I’ve been in school for 16 years and one look in your eyes taught me everything I ever needed to know. You’ve forever silenced my selfish doubts. 
“I love you more than the world can contain in its lonely and ramshackle head.” 
In gratitude and wonder, 

2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to the One We Lost

  1. pgreePatty Greene says:

    Wow! You are far too young to be such an “old soul!” But thank God for young people like yourself! You TRULY give me GREAT hope for our future! ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!

    Signed, A true fan of you, and your AWESOME dad!

  2. sophpar says:

    You’re work and dedication really shows in this letter!
    The passion in this letter really shows the potential for the project to go far!

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