Garage Sale Success! 

Just two weeks left until the project officially gets underway in the field, and we have another $2300 under our belt from the East Sacramento garage sale yesterday. With an employer donation match come January, that brings the day’s total up to $4600. This gives us a great start for this summer and an encouraging head start for further excursions to Ghana. The goal of the project is not only to alleviate accessibility issues, but also to raise awareness that this is an issue at all, and with the hours of hard work that went into this garage sale, we managed to tell this story to a lot of people and to raise some good funds too. 

After talking with Carrie from the Kekeli Foundation, I am invigorated. Four weeks will give us time to meet many families for whom we will provide services and to delve deeper into exploring other issues surrounding mobility in their lives. I have so much to learn, and I cannot wait. 


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