Over my spring break many exciting developments were made!

1) We established a board of directors and had our first meeting!

2) I turned in the paperwork to the IRS to file for non-profit status. The Patience Project is now a pending non-profit, which means that donations can be written off on taxes.

3) I opened The Patience Project bank account at a local bank. We are currently able to accept checks made out to The Patience Project. There are a few more steps I need to take before we can set up an online donate link, but it should be coming very soon! Keep your eyes out!

4) We accepted our first $1200 in donations. This blows my mind a little bit.

5) I met with my neighbor, Justin Panson, a talented graphic designed, to discuss a logo. We should have that soon!

6) I met with a ton of different people to promote the project, so it looks like we have lots of support moving forward!

7) And lastly, I was able to publish an article on the Huffington Post blog about The Patience Project. Here’s the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/olivia-rio-godby/a-different-kind-of-patie_b_6813620.html

For now, the biggest thing is setting up the online donate service and linking it both to this website and to Facebook. Stay tuned!