Patience for Paperwork

There is good news to be had!

Headline #1: The Patience Project Attracts Enthusiastic Followers
Caption: Olivia is wordlessly excited and pumped about humanity

Headline #2: Olivia Works with Notre Dame Law Professor to Incorporate the Patience Project and Set Up a Non-profit
Caption: Olivia has a lot of paperwork

Headline #3: Olivia’s Song about Patience Gets Featured on a Compilation CD Going Out to South Bend Area
Caption: Wooh!

So there are the updates in short. I thank everyone who has already generously offered time and services to this project. To those wishing to donate, I thank you ardently and ask that you hold onto that great intention until I have filed all this paperwork and set up a bank account. It shouldn’t be long before I can begin accepting donations!

3 thoughts on “Patience for Paperwork

  1. sarahcranberry says:

    Headline: Mama passes on the good work to all in her path, and to anyone who will listen,
    Caption: Mama is SMILING with happiness!

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